JoshChristian100: a tale of wtf

So, I was browsing my favorite forum the other day (no, not 4chan thank you very much) and came across a thread about this kid.  For those of you who don’t know, he has caused a minor sensation on the internet because of a video he posted on youtube, declaring war on the popular website 4chan and basically Anon in general.

If the readers know anything about 4chan or anon, then they will know that declaring war on them is foolhardy at best, downright suicidal at worse.

For your viewing pleasure, I give you the video in question:

(Please note, this video should not be watched when you shouldn’t maker much noise, because you might LOL)

When I watched it, I seriously LOLed, and then wept.

While I am not a “member” of Anon, nor a regular 4chan goer, nor do I support many of the actions that Anon does. But, I am on their side on this one, since I despise such self-righteous people as this kid. I seriously doubt he knows what he got himself into, since his personal info has already been leaked to the interwebz and he has received hundreds of calls.

After that, he posted another video in response, where he updates his “supporters” and taunts Anon:

(warning, another serious LOL worthy vid)

I would normally feel sorry for someone like this, but seriously, I don’t feel one bit of sympathy for this kid. After watching several of his other videos, including his videos on Evolution, Gay Marriage, and Violent Video Games, I was raging.

I will definitely be following this unfolding story, and will update if anything interesting happens.

I will leave you guys with my favorite response to this kid:


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