The Intelligent Frumpy Mom… NOT!




The above can’t even begin to sum up what I have just read. No word in the English language, nor probably any other language can describe it. I have read something that is so indescribably stupid and RAGE-worthy that if I didn’t write this post, my head might just explode.

What could drive me to the brink of the edge?

I’ll tell you what.


She describes herself as a “Frumpy, Middle age mom” who writes a column at the Orange County Register newspaper.

I came across a news story about this on The Escapist and I couldn’t believe it, but it wasn’t rage material… yet.

The article that the news story on The Escapist was about was a column that she wrote about how “videogames were made by Satan”. A glorious excert from the article is:

I truly believe that video games were created by Satan to turn otherwise normal children into his drooling, glassy-eyed stooges.


but it goes on:

On one horrible afternoon that scarred me for life, I even saw a kid walking out of the public library playing a Nintendo DS.

Really? Scarred you for life? I think you need to grow some thicker skin woman. Really.

This article is just completely laughably bad. An incident that she cites to show that videogames are “bad” is a recent incident where a woman in Boston called the police when her son wouldn’t turn off his 360. That incident isn’t an example of evil videogames, it is an example of an idiotic parent that obviously can’t control her son at all, and so instead of, oh, I don’t know, unplugging the console she calls the effing police. This is an example of bad parents, not bad videogames.

Then, she writes another post basically saying “lol, I was just kidding! I don’t believe that!”

I truly believe that video games were created by Satan to turn otherwise normal children into his drooling, glassy-eyed stooges.

“LOL, I was just kidding! I don’t believe that!”

I truly believe that video games were created by Satan to turn otherwise normal children into his drooling, glassy-eyed stooges.

I think you get my point.

In this wonderful example of great writing, she not only mocks the fine people at The Escapist, who broke this story (and kudos to them), but she also goes on to say that Satan didn’t invent them, Lord Voldemort did.

I will not attempt to respond to that. Because it is beyond stupidity.

Another quote from her brilliant, insightful article:

Also, I’m not too convinced by people who were such ardent gamers they became video game creators. That’s like saying, “Gee, I loved crack so much, I went to Colombia and started my own business and now I’m rich.”

Yes, that is right folks, she is comparing the fine, talented people at the videogame companies to crackheads.

Let me let that sink in a moment.

The thousands of talented writers, artists, and programmers that work to make videogames are being compared to crackheads. This is just crossing the line right there, how can anyone compare these talented people to drug addicts? This is like saying that writers are like crackheads because they loved to read novels, so they go out and become writers. How can she compare these two, radically different groups of people? It is one thing to not like something, like I don’t like some of the works of H R Giger, but I can respect that he is a talented artist, even if I think he is batshit insane (although he did excellent work on the alien in Alien).

Another insightful quote from the article:

Video game addiction is becoming more and more recognized as a social problem, mostly for young men under the age of 30 with low self-esteem.

Low self esteem? But I think I fall into the above category and I certainly don’t have low self-esteem. In fact, I can be downright egotistical at times. And so can many other gamers. Some of us might have low self-esteem, but so does non-gamers. And guess what? I bet if we are addicting to video games, we are probably good at them, so we can, at any time, go in and pwn us some n00bs if we are feeling low. We do NOT have low self esteem. And I bet, you would be reduced to a sniveling heap if you had to put up with the self-righteous people that populate the realm of multi-player games, especially Xbox LIVE.

Hehe, and here is another gem:

I can’t help recalling this sweet boy who invited my son over for his birthday party. I walked into their home, which was dominated by a giant TV on which video games were playing.  The so-called “party” consisted of boys sitting around playing various games, plus cake.

I have a confession to make, my last birthday party I did the exact same thing. Except it wasn’t a TV, it was computers and computer screens. And I had cake:

It was so delicious and moist!

/portal reference

In fact, I had a blast that birthday, it was a ton of fun, and guess what Frumpy? WE TALKED! We had conversations, we chatted as we played.

In fact, I can just about bet you 95% of the time someone is playing a game (probably online) they are TALKING to someone. It might be either voice or text, but they are talking. In fact, I talk with people online even when I am playing single player games. It is really no big deal.

Video games and other electronics are doing bad things to kids’ brains.

I didn’t bold that, she did.

I only have one thing to say to that:

Just sayin’

Maybe, if Albert Einstein had only been able to play video games when he was a youth, maybe he would have come up with that Unified Theory that all physicists hope to find instead of merely the Theory of Relativity.

You do know who Einstein is, right? The dude with the hair.

This I find very offensive. I have had very intelligent and insightful conversations about physics, math, and science on a website full of gamers. There is a reason why we are also called geeks or nerds, because we are smartWe like math, science, and physics. And to even suggest that we don’t know who one of the most famous scientists of all time was, you have insulted us.

A few windows might get broken now and then, but at least they won’t be glassy-eyed zombies like inLeft4Dead.

Does she know how those zombies move in L4D?

Bet they could catch you.


3 Responses to “The Intelligent Frumpy Mom… NOT!”

  1. 1 Brian Nguyen
    January 9, 2010 at 3:16 am

    Thank you. I finally could release my stress listening to your intelligent blog post. I think she really needs to have a talk to by every member of the Escapist and every game designer on how they think of her. I realized that she used the exact same tone as this woman :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_c6HsiixFS8. I think she also needs to realize how people make video games and how much honest work they put into them. I bet you she’ll throw out every Sony electronic in her house when she finds out that they made the Playstation. She isn’t just talking smack to us nerds, she’s talking smack to the athletic jockeys who play video games, talented and brilliant game developers, and anyone else who plays video games on this planet. That means probably a fifth of the Earth’s population of humans.

  2. January 9, 2010 at 6:03 am

    See that cake? Peer beyond the cake.

    Yes, folks, that’s a Samsung SyncMaser 2243BWX hooked to gaming rig more powerful than you could ever imagine.

    Oh, and awesome post. What’s the Escapist version of a goon-rush? We should do that.

  3. 3 Hileict
    January 9, 2010 at 8:20 am

    Couldn’t have put it better myself. You, sir, are a genius. Some people need to get across to these overly protective, technology-fearing, control freak parents that games are NOT a bad thing.

    It’s the whole mentality of “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. Funny thing is, America is the only country in the WORLD, where guns are perfectly legal and sold in KMart. Australia’s KMart is not that stupid.

    Saying the games don’t enhance the mind or even remotely make you think is beyond pathetic. Did this woman even SEE what game the kid was playing on his DS? The Nintendo DS is extremely kid-friendly, it could very well have been Pokemon or Professor Layton.

    Here’s the bottom line, if you’re a parent who’s buying M to R rated games like Grand Theft Auto, Halo, Left4Dead, BioShock and what have you, then YOU’RE the one who needs the psychological help. Not the kid. Certain games are meant for certain age groups. They were in no way created by demons or whatever tripe this self-confessed control freak claims.

    We could say the same thing about movies. Parents taking their kids to M15+ rated movies is just as bad, if not worse! In games, it’s interactive, it’s FUN and it’s certainly a social experience, because it always leads to discussions within groups of friends. Simply banning certain games to your children is, in a sense, destroying their school life because their friends are far more advanced and experienced in those socially fun and enjoyable video games.

    Hell, gaming doesn’t necessarily mean gambling either. That really needs to be clarified.

    Now, would someone who can easily string together a coherent comment with pure facts be a gamer? Not by using this woman’s logic, because I’m definitely a gamer. I have an XBOX 360, a PlayStation Portable, I plan on purchasing a PS3 for Final Fantasy XIII, plus I have a Steam account and have played MMO’s like Aion, WoW and Final Fantasy XI and have forged long-lasting friendships from all of them.

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