Introducing Sketches

I have decided to try to make another game.

Scary, I know.

I have tried several times, but have always lost interest, and moved on to something else. But hopefully, this time, I will actually finish one. And by “one” I mean my latest project, called Sketches.

Sketches is a self-described “art game” where the focus is more on the visuals, the music, and the story rather than on the gameplay. What gameplay there is will be simple point and click. I am particularly excited about this project because of the art direction I have decided to go with, which is a hand-sketched pencil drawings of the environments. This is justified in-game by explaining that the main character has drawn these pictures. The only thing I did to them once I scanned them into my computer was to change the colour slightly, and then later in the engine add animated elements and hotspots.

And speaking of engine, I am only on day 2 and am on my second engine. Originally, I was going to do the game in a program called AGS, which is what the very excellent John Defoe Quadrilogy was made in. But after downloading the program, and starting to fool around in it, I quickly discovered that it didn’t really have the features and capabilities that I wanted and needed to create the a game that was true to my vision. So, after a little poking around, and some sheer luck, I found another engine called Wintermute which seems to be just what I need. I have only used it for a couple of hours, but it does seem to fit the bill nicely, and is in some ways easier to work with than AGS. I have high hopes, and am nearing having my first room done in it. I haven’t tried scripting in it yet, so I should be able to talk more about that in a later post.

Anyway, that is all for tonight, but you all can expect a more fleshed out design statement tomorrow. For now, I’ll just share the very first screenshot of the new game!


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