Dear Facebook, I grow tired of you…

I have been growing more and more tired of Facebook these last few months. I switched to Facebook from that horrid thing called “Myspace” soon after everyone else did, and what a refreshing change that was! Facebook was so neat and clean and orderly. No awful backgrounds and animated gifs. What a change!

All my friends were on Facebook, I could talk to them, I could interact with them without having to put up with their horrifying lack of ability in designing profile pages that was eye rape (offense intended).

Then, something happened.

Something that happened so slowly and insidiously I can’t tell you when it actually happened.

My news feed was being choked more and more with worthless app notifications and postings. I was beginning to lose track of the actual status updates of my friends. They were being buried beneath hundreds of Farmville, Fishville, and Mafia Wars updates that told that so and so needed help, or that they found a puppy they needed help feeding.

But wait, there was a fix!

All I had to do was drag my “Status updates” above my “News feed” and ta-da! No more pesky messages!


Then it happened, the big interface change that facebook went through late last year. They removed my cherished ability to get rid of all of those app updates. I was once again bombarded with Farmville and Mafia Wars postings.

Then, another breakthrough, I found a sub-site of Facebook called Facebook Lite. This was an amazing site, it just showed my friends status updates, with no ads, app notifications, or any of the other junk I had no interest in. It was like a dream come true for me. I immidiately switched to it and happily used it, content with my awesome Facebook Lite.

Then the Facebook Demon struck again.

Facebook Lite was canceled, no official reason given (although my theory was that it was too good, and it made Zynga mad because they couldn’t spam all the users anymore). I was once again without a good way to get rid of all the spam that filled my newsfeed. I was finally reduced to waging a desperate, losing battle against the thousands of apps that friends use, and that spam my newsfeed.

I am losing.

I think Zynga is targeting me, I have blocked various iterations of their games, and the only way I can explain it is that they have multiple apps doing the same spamming for their games.

Then, yesterday I came to something that chilled me to my very bones: a post advertising a Zynga game, I went to hit the “hide” button, meaning to just hide that app, and not the user… but no, no “hide app” button, I could only hide the user.


Darth Vader FML

That, on top of the recent privacy debacle that is hitting Facebook, what with their major policy changes in regard to user privacy (changes for the much worse), have made me decide to look for an alternative.

But what?

That, that will be featured in my blog post. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments, I will be sure to check them all out!


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